WTF show

De WTF show – Waanzin

Best wel lachwekkend inmiddels

We hebben een boete te pakken van het ANP, wil je ons helpen?


In deze wereld kun je zomaar ineens een social media ban te pakken hebben. Op Facebook bijvoorbeeld, of Twitter. Belangrijk dus om te weten hoe en via welke social media je ons kunt volgen!

Facebook –

Facebook zusterpagina :


Natuurlijk via

En via het censuurvrije
Hier kun je in vrijheid reageren en communiceren!

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One thought on “De WTF show – Waanzin
  1. Kwam tot deze conclusie =What we will see in the coming years and what will happen in the years to 2024.

    A lot is going to change in the world, which will not work out well for everyone Pluto is definitely not the sign of the end of time in 2012. In that sense we are also entering a completely new era in which we can make ourselves equal at the level of consciousness to the gods we once created ourselves.

    Gods who gave ourselves a guideline for the development and education that we need or had.

    “We no longer believe in the government, our parents, or celebrities, but more in ourselves”
    We come to realize what the dark side of our existence is and how we have created it and are still creating it and was at the end of 2019 that 1940 and 1945 was coming up for restore old karma’s and the whole industry from past time was coming alive again.

    The truth about past live – Have you met someone from your past live???

    And we met them the last 2 years worldwide and many countries have given themselves over and repeating again and haven’t learn’t from earlier experiences in another timeline with other characters doing the same…. and it was from this periode because more then hundred years ago they had the same target if you get to the essence of this film and was control the whole world with the same purpose…

    We Are All Related So basically wars are just huge family arguments

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