Leave us alone, let us feed the world: Convoy from Calgary supports Dutch farmers

Leave us alone, let us feed the world: Convoy from Calgary supports Dutch farmers. See our coverage of Dutch farmers protesting Selene Galas speaks to truckers, farmers and their supporters who convened in Calgary before converging on the provincial legislature in Edmonton in a show of support for Dutch farmers protesting against their government’s radical climate agenda. “Leave us alone, let us feed the world” was the message one demonstrator had.

Bron: Rebel News – https://www.youtube.com/c/RebelMediaTV

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3 thoughts on “Leave us alone, let us feed the world: Convoy from Calgary supports Dutch farmers
  1. Canadians and Dutchies has a real bond…..Go Ahead Farmers!!

  2. To the editors of …
    I research which media are for and which are against abortion.
    To my question to various news platforms of ‘Het Andere Nieuws’ whether they are for or against abortion, I received only one answer so far, namely from BLCKBX.
    I quote from this: “The editors’ or ‘blckbx’ as an entity have no political position” and “In the context of abortion, we do not have a position that we propagate.
    The personal opinion of all team members will probably even differ.
    And as far as we’re concerned, everyone’s opinion can and should be there” and “I’m surprised you want to pigeonhole us.
    In your words: we are either for or against. And if we don’t answer your question, you put us in a box.
    If we do answer your question, you put us in a box. Right or wrong.
    This makes it seem that you are doing the same as our government; you are for or against the measures, compulsory vaccination. farmers, nitrogen policy, etcetera.
    And that creates dichotomy in our society and with that we maintain what can destroy us.
    Divide and conquer. And that’s exactly what we’re trying to break through.”

    Where do I know that from, place in boxes?
    The boxes in question are YES or NO and if there is no answer I fill in ‘THE ONE SHOULD NOT KNOW’.
    For the same money I would have entered NO OPINION. It doesn’t really matter.
    The answer from ‘BLCKBX’ with accusations of creating dichotomy, preserving what can destroy us, divide and conquer. is downright outrageous and cowardly.
    None of these news platforms have the audacity to take a stance on abortion.
    Because they have to grow. They will not take a position until there is a clear global trend anti-abortion and possibly even pro.
    In the THE PYRAMID OF POWER PART 2 in the back of the second half, the following is said:
    Another mainstream reporter who became independent is Ben Swann, a former news host at CBS Atlanta, who left for censoring his coverage.
    Recently I spoke to Ben about his view on the failings of mainstream media INCLUDING THE IDEA THAT JOURNALISTS DON’T HAVE MANY.
    Ben: “The idea that journalists don’t have their own opinion is absolutely wrong. And that’s clear. It’s human nature. Everyone has an opinion about everything.
    It’s a misleading concept long advocated by companies like CNN. Glenn Greenwald calls it ’the gaze into nothingness’.
    I am the subjective journalist I have no opinion, I know nothing, I only report what I see.” (Perhaps he meant the objective journalist here. This is clear from the context)
    But that’s a robot, not a person. A fairer way to deal with it is to say “I have an opinion I’m honest about it, I’m free, libertarian in views, I believe in individual freedom and liberties, I’m honest about that, SO YOU KNOW WHERE I STAND.”
    However, it is not important whether you have an opinion, you take the facts of your story and you turn them to fit your opinion, to fit your established starting point.
    THAT’S NOT WHAT WE DO AS JOURNALISTS. We’ll see where the facts lead us, but OF COURSE WE HAVE AN OPINION ON IT.
    No, news does not have to be neutral. In fact, NEWS CANNOT BE NEUTRAL.
    Now I would like to kindly ask you to answer the question by e-mail: Is your editorial team FOR OR AGAINST ABORTION?

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